Final Exam Information – Important!

I have just received confirmation that the final exam will take place on:
Wednesday January 8th from 16:30-18:30Room 35

As I stated before, if you miss the exam I will not allow you to take a make-up exam. Make-up exams are only for students who fail that first exam. Please be sure you can be there on the 8th at 16:30. 

This exam will be in paragraph format. You will be asked to spot and correct errors within paragraphs. There will be no questions about the essay – this exam will focus solely on the paragraph. The final question on the exam will ask you to write one narrative paragraph.

Paper dictionaries will be allowed. No electronic devices will be allowed. 
You may bring blank/lined paper (which will be checked by me) to help you brainstorming and drafting your paragraph. 

Please spread the word about the date and time of the final exam with your peers. 
Best of luck studying and I will see you on the 8th! 


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